11 Jun Gratitude is key

  I wish that I could constantly live in a state of gratitude. I feel we all take so many blessings for granted; walking, talking, laughing, friends, family.   I wish to truly embrace this mindset each and every day so that I can feel at peace and...

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07 Jun Push myself out of your comfort

I wish to push myself out of my comfort zone in order to achieve everything that belongs to me as a human being. So many of us wade on the side of caution and end up never really reaching our full potential, and what’s the...

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01 May New smile

I wish for new teeth and a new smile nothing fancy just my teeth back to normal I have missing teeth to decading that I can't afford to take care of. I'm a single mother of 3.   Been out of an abusive relationship for almost two...

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01 Mar A Hug

I wish for someone to give me a long, meaningful hug. This will help me since I have been battling two mental illnesses for a while now, and really could use a hug. . Dear Rebecca, we are seeing you and publishing your wish. Please, reach out...

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13 Feb Help Me Help Him Help Them

Hello WishWall. I really have no clue what to say honestly, and I think its best to just outright say it. I'm writing you in need of some help in helping my friend.   You see, he runs a nonprofit organization and they are having their 6th annual #DocLuvTheKids...

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13 Feb My Wishes

I wish that I get the job at Sky Zone or somewhere, then I wish that with that money I can buy the iPhone x Max, and buy my french class a ton of desserts. I wish that checking my meds will bring me money...

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16 Jan Looking to Find Someone In Laguna Area to Help

Looking for Someone to Help in Laguna Beach Area, California!   In late April this year I will be speaking on all things Kindness at an incredible marketing summit called PTTOW, taking place in Laguna, California.   As part of my offering, I have an incredible opportunity to also...

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15 Jan A home for my mommy!

My mother has been divorced since 1998, which pretty much left her to struggle with three kids all her life. Although we are grown now, her two daughters struggle as single parents, and my brother lives a very closed off life. I ruined my mother...

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