17 May My dream exams

Actually i feel so nervous and kinda Afraid now. Because tommorow i have very important exam from may 10 to may 31 , tommorow it's my 1st time board exams ,i wish i could get high ranks all my exams totally 6subjects , so pls...

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19 Apr failed love

I wish he would've fight for our relationship to never be ruined, but at the end he couldn't care less. People would say what a heartless person and how he wasn't good enough for me and that I was too pretty for him...

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15 Mar Ghosted no more

Heavenly Father god this might not be the best wish but I hope and pray that this boy names drew unblocks me on Instagram because he really makes me happy and I don’t want to be thinking about this and sad about this everyday so...

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09 Feb my wish to wash the pain away

i really want make the best out of my life but sometimes, things stay in my way. It makes me hard to even breathe. I understand that things happen for a reason and it happens for our own good but today, right now. i feel...

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