Advice for creating a website

12 Jun Advice for creating a website

Many businesses, and even everyday people, are curious how to start and maintain your own website. The website design is the most important, as most people want their site to look and perform the best it can. The 215 Guys had some great pointers on how to do just both of those things.

First things first, you’ll need a domain and hosting. It’s sort of like having a house with land (hosting) and an address on that house (the domain). There are literally thousands of companies that provide these. Just to name a few; GoDaddy, MediaTemple, Network Solutions. They all have different pricing, levels of customer service and server speeds. I suggest doing some in-depth research into whatever companies you’re looking to choose, then make a wise choice based on your research. Once you get these setup, then it’s time to jump into designing an effective, attractive, and informative website.

Now on to the design! Website design is not an easy task, as you can go many, many different routes when it comes time to design and build your website. Let’s first layout a few types of website that exist: Informational Websites, E-Commerce Websites, Blogs, Personal Websites, & Business Websites. Which one do you fall into? The most common are Informational Websites. These are websites that basically contain only images and text, and are very simple in their design. Personal and business websites tend to have just the same, but a bit more pizazz when it comes to the website design, and also tend to have more forms, login features, and other elements to drive the website.

Once you know what type of site you need, the next best thing to do is to check out a bunch of websites to get inspiration on what you want to design. There are so many websites out there, but Google is a super big help in narrowing them down. You can search for other websites that are in the same business you’re looking to design your website for, or you can even Google best-designed websites to review websites that are top of the top! Always remember, the more intriguing the design looks, it’s almost safe to say the more it’ll cost to build. We’ll get into that next…

Now that you know what type of site you need, and how you want the website design to look, it’s time to build it. You can either build it yourself or hire a professional website designer. I highly recommend the latter, unless you’re very familiar and comfortable with building the website yourself. When it comes to hiring someone, though, several paths you can take to find someone to hire to design your website. Craigslist is a great source, where you can sift through people’s post offering their talents, or you can even make your own post sharing exactly what you’re looking for in a website designer. There are also several tech freelance websites, where you can hire someone to do just about anything you’d need tech-wise, including website design – like eLance and Fiverr.

Well, good luck with designing your website. May the motherboard be with you!

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