A miracle:South Philly family’s wish come true

11 Oct A miracle:South Philly family’s wish come true

Just a year ago, 63-year-old Anna Pozzi was struggling to work up the energy to fake a holiday spirit for her grandchildren. But the truth, she said, was thatshe felt nothing but pain overthe unsolved hit-and-run death of her daughter just beforeChristmasoneyear earlier.

Now, approaching the second anniversary of her daughter’s death, Pozzi is rejuvenated and happy, brought back to life by news that theman police say killed her daughter is behind bars.


SEE MORE AT https://www.metro.us/philadelphia/a-miracle-arrest-in-hit-and-run-is-south-philly-family-s-wish-come-true/zsJpjj—Ttbi4y9R0emWE

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